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References prior to 2007

12/16/06 - Corporate Christmas Party

          "Great Time"~ Ana Gelotti (Event Coordinator)

12/16/06 - Senior Christmas Party - Holiday Inn - R.I.D.C. Park

          "Fantastic"~ Kermith McIntosh (Event Coordinator)

12/08/06 - Sigma Kappa Sorority  Christmas Party - Edgewood Country Club

          "We really enjoyed it! The women had a great time, and we would use again. Thanks"~ Katherine         

            Hendricks  (Event Coordinator)

11/11/06 -  70th Birthday Party - Ukrainian Citizen's Club - Carnegie  

         "Excellent! Did all we requested ~Tish Ziegler (Host).

11/04/06 -  50th Wedding Anniversary - North Park Skating Rink - North Park

        "Excellent! Fantastic selection of music. Would gladly use for any other event we have coming up."

        ~ Fred Roehlich (Host/Groom)

10/28/06 - Wedding - SNPJ - Midway

"Very good job getting the people involved. Fun and professional. We would definitely recommend you to all our friends!" ~ Michael Aivalotis (Groom)

10/21/06 - Wedding - Comfort Inn - Harmarville

"Nice Times. Awesome, Awesome !" ~ Traci Mauder (Bride)

10/20/06 - Event / GAP Kids - Saint John & Paul's Church - Wexford

"D.J. Billy C. AS always another successful event because of you. I appreciate all the work you put in for the kids. You're Awesome!" ~ Diana Shriver (Event Coordinator for GAP Kids)

10/14/06 - Wedding - G&K Banquet Hall - West Miffiln

"It was the best time. Lots of fun!" ~ Kathy Ruston (Bride)

09/30/06 - Wedding - Salvatore's - Pittsburgh

"It was clear from the first time we met, that you were dedicated to ensuring we would have a magical evening.  We appreciated very much the time you took to really know and understand the type of wedding celebration we desired.  The planning book you provided us contributed greatly to making sure we did not overlook any details during the planning.  Special thanks for helping us find just the right piece of music to be introduced to our guests as "Mr. and Mrs. Finally".  The wedding reception was beautiful and flawless.  Your ability to adapt to unexpected changes in the evening's program caused by the travel trouble of some of our honored guests removed any opportunity for embarrassment and kept the evening on schedule.  All of our guests commented that the dinner music was perfect and made the whole evening a classy affair.  Your skilled handling of the master of ceremony responsibilities and gracious accommodations enabled us to focus on our guests and each other.  Your professionalism, dynamic personality and flexibility created an enjoyable atmosphere for all.  Thank you so much for making sure we truly had a magical wedding reception. Sincerely ~ Craig and Amy Dorin (Groom/Bride)

09/23/06 - Wedding - Grand Concourse - Station Square

            "We had a great time. Thanks for being a great DJ!" ~ Megan Bleckinger (Bride)

09/15/06 - Wedding

"Great selection , Very personable. Had an awesome night!" ~ Frank Lowry (Groom)

09/09/06 - Wedding - Pittsburgh Airport Marriott - Robinson Twp.

"Great Music, fantastic music. Amy and I had a wonderful time. Billy C is the greatest!" ~ Will Chapman  (Groom)

09/02/06 - Wedding - Banquets Unlimited - Wilmerding

"The best of the best of the best, what can I say. Billy C. rocks the house!" ~ Jamal Garrison (Groom)

08/26/06 -  Wedding - Willow Pond Farm - West Alexander

"One hell of a DJ!" ~ Frank Guntrum (Groom)

08/19/06 -  Wedding - Four Points Sheridan - Greensburg

"There was a small problem with the "Jaws" theme, but it was handled well. Great job!!!" ~ John Leach (Groom)                                                                                                                    

08/06/06 - 60th Birthday Party

"He did everything I asked for." ~ Ray Ostronic (Host)

08/05/06 -  Wedding - Peter's Place - Bridgeville

"DJ Billy was outgoing, fun, and entertaining. He was prompt and knew his stuff. Great reception!" ~ Brian DePetro (Groom)

07/16/06 - 50th Wedding Anniversary - White Valley Park - Export

"Thank you so much!" ~ Edie Shannon (Host/Bride)

07/15/06 - Wedding - North Fayette V.F.D. - North Fayette

"Very organized, presentable, professional, well mannered, and music selection and sound quality outstanding!" ~ Nathan Contosta (Groom)

06/24/06 - Wedding - Kemerer's Family Farm - Export

"You are super!" ~ Sherri Kemerer (Mother of the Groom)

06/10/06 - Wedding - Chartiers Valley Country Club - Pittsburgh

"Best DJ in the 'Burgh!" ~ Joseph Saxman (Groom)

06/03/06 - Wedding - Hilton Garden Inn - South Point

"Could not have been better.  Thank you so much." ~ Jonathan Hoover (Groom)

04/29/06 - Wedding

"Could not have pulled the reception off without them.  Best DJ's ever! Great price! Better Music! Best People!" ~ Barbara Pepple (Bride)

02/25/06 - Wedding

"Paid attention to crowd & bridal party.  Would use for any other wedding" ~ Thomas P. Ficorilli (Groom)

"Hi Bill, I just wanted to take a minute to thank you and Pam for a wonderful performance at Kelli and Tom's wedding reception.  You were excellent in every way and you both were on top of things and worked well together.  The music was great, not too loud as we requested as people enjoyed their conversations.  We also appreciated how you guided us in doing the Tarentalla polka, which proved to be the most enjoyable dance of the day.  We won't hesitate to refer you to others seeking top notch DJ service.  Thank you again for making it a memorable day for Kelli & Tom.  We wish you both the best of luck.  ~Sincerely Mary & Rich Tibbens (Parents of the Bride)

01/13/06 - Birthday Party

"We had a wonderful time!  I made many recommendations!" ~ Andrea Whittman

12/10/05 - Corporate Christmas Party - Comfort Inn - Harmarville

"Bill, thanks for the great entertainment.  Your choice of music is/was great.  Very appropriate for the occasion. Thanks." ~ Sean Quillen/B.A.E. Systems

10/29/05 - Wedding

"One of the best DJ's I've ever seen" ~ Lori Mankowski (Mother of the Bride)

10/22/05 - Wedding - Georgetown Inn - Pleasant Hills

"Very accommodating and helpful.  Billy C. mad the night fun for everybody" ~ Ryan Gilligan (Groom)

09/17/05 - 13th Birthday Party - Rockefeller's - Kennedy Twp

"For short notice, I got top notch service.  Very professional and personable.  Will gladly use again" ~ Michael Joseph

06/18/05 - Wedding - Peter's Place - Bridgeville

"Everything went great & even made last minute changes for us" ~ Howard Ockerman (Groom)

06/09/05 - Elementary School Field Day - Marshall Elementary

"Awesome Job!  You got all the kids to shake their booties!!  Thanks so much for making Field Day successful!" ~ Diana Shriver

06/04/05 - Wedding - Scotus Hall - Sisters Of St. Frances - Millvalle

"Awesome service, even when times where crazy!"~ James Henson  (Groom)

05/27/05 - Wedding

"Billy C. is my new best friend.  His customer service is awesome!"~ Kevin McConville  (Groom)

05/21/05 - Wedding

"Great Energy, A++ Organized, appreciated you/wife meeting with us prior to weeding.  Thanks for a good job!" ~ Michael and Jennifer Sotirake (Bride and Groom)

12/04/04 - Wedding - Skyview Fire Hall - West Mifflin

"Excellent organization - Great Music - Best Personalities!!  We loved the service - Thank You!" ~ Lori Keppel (Bride)

11/27/04 - Wedding - P.A.A - Oakland

"Very Professional" ~ Joe Buffone (Father of the Bride)

11/13/04 - Girls Scout Event - East Pittsburgh VFW - East Pittsburgh

"Wonderful job.  Everyone really enjoyed themselves, can't wait till next year." ~ Cami Coats

11/06/04 - Wedding - Edgewood Country Club - Pittsburgh

"Couldn't have asked for more...perfect service" ~ Timothy Polaski (Groom)

11/05/04 - Wedding - Anthony's - Bellevue

"Good Job.  Good use of humor, my guests really enjoyed the music.  Thank you." ~ Laurie Bovidge   

10/23/04 - Wedding - Apollo Elks Country Club - Apollo

"Very good play and excellent selection, thank you very much" ~ Dale J. Aber, Jr. (Groom)

10/22/04 - Event / Helping Hands Day - Saint John & Paul's Church - Wexford

D.J. Billy C. We are so glad you were part of our Helping Hands day. The kids had a great time dancing. Thanks for all the Christian songs you selected. Everything was Awesome~ work you put in for the kids. You're Awesome!" ~ Diana Shriver (Event Coordinator for Helping Hands)

10/02/04 - Wedding - Fort Cherry Golf Club - Pittsburgh

"Everything worked out really nice" ~ Eric Pendergast (Groom)

09/25/04 - Wedding - North Park Clubhouse - North Park

"DJ Billy C. fulfilled all of our hopes.  Many compliments from our guests" ~ Paul & Amanda Burkovich (Bride and Groom)

09/19/04 - Wedding

"THE BEST!.  DJ Billy C. was the obvious choice" ~ Vikki Dobosh (Bride)

09/18/04 - Wedding

"Kept everything going and made it special" ~ Erik L. Swanson (Groom)

8/29/04 - Wedding - Sheraton Station Square - Pittsburgh

"Billy C. is the "BEST". I would recommend his service for any occasion" ~ Vince Cortese (Groom)

8/15/04 - Wedding

"Best D.J. at any wedding I have been to" ~ Shawn Slattery (Groom)

07/31/04 - Wedding - Quicksilver Country Club - Moon Twp

"Very interactive. Honored requests. An A++++++ for DJ service!" ~ Kate Houlihan (Bride)

07/30/04 - Mother's 80th Birthday Party - Westinghouse Lodge - Forest Hills

"You're the greatest "BILLY C". My family loved you!" ~ Sam Rocco (Host)

07/17/04 - Wedding - Church Hill Valley Country Club - Penn Hills

"Best DJ at any wedding I have been to!  Excellent, We love you!" ~ Julie & Brian Merlina (Bride and Groom)

07/10/04 - Wedding - Comfort Inn- Penn Hills

"Very personable. Gets along great guests and gets them involved!" ~ Ian Bulow ( Groom)

06/20/04 - 80th Birthday Party - River Forest Country Club

"Really understood the crowd, went beyond the call of duty. With the audio/ DVD equipment. Thanks again!" ~ Adina Holland( Host)

6/12/04 - Wedding - Marge's Banquet Hall - Kennedy Twp

"Thank you for helping us to have a wonderful day and wedding!  Good mix of music!!" ~ Adam McConathy (Groom)

06/09/04 - Elementary School Dance - Marshall Elementary School

"Kids had a great time.  Great songs." ~ Principal, Marshall Elementary School

06/05/04 - Retirement Party

"Very accommodating, great job!" - ~ Ned E. DiBenedetto

05/29/04 - Wedding - The Fez - Hopewell Twp.

"Very professional.  Fun atmosphere. Everyone enjoyed themselves." ~Desiree' Guy (Bride)

05/28/04 - 14th Birthday Party - Private Party At Residence

"Very accommodating." ~ Anthony Sinatra

05/22/04 - College Graduation Party

"I was overall very happy with the music and magician." ~ Michelle McDermott

05/15/04 - Wedding - Holiday Inn - R.I.D.C. Park - Pittsburgh

"DJ Billy was honesty very well organized and well prepared.  Would definitely recommend." ~ Shawn Cochran (Groom)

04/24/04 - Church Function - Saint John & Paul's Church - Wexford

"DJ Billy C. was very accommodating to all of our needs.  A good time was had by all.  DJ Billy C. did an awesome job." ~ Diana Schriver

04/03/04 - Wedding - Wendell Inn - Pittsburgh

"Very well done. Perfect." ~ Ryan McGill (Groom)

03/27/04 - Wedding - Shearton Station Square - Station Square

"Fun DJ, polite, and knows how to get a crowd moving on the floor" ~ Terri Brown (Bride)

12/20/03 - Wedding - Wendell Inn - Pittsburgh

"Fantastic Job, well done.  Recommend highly." ~ Dean Shogan (Groom)

12/13/03 - 13th Birthday Party - Shaler Villa Fire Hall - Etna

"You know how to connect with the kids, you are great." ~ Carrie Clark (Parent)

11/28/03 - Surprise  Birthday Party - Sto Rox Booster Hall - Sto Rox

"Billy C. did an awesome job. He kept the room jumping." ~ Patricia Rosato (Host)

11/08/03 - Wedding - The Fez - Hopewell Twp

"Could not have asked for better." ~ Vito Cedro (Groom)

10/18/03 - Wedding - Richland Fire Hall - Gibsonia

"Awesome night!  Dream come true.  Professionals without a doubt.  Make your wedding day a dream come true." ~ Anthony Tufares (Groom)

9/27/03 - Wedding - South Hills Elks - South Hills

"Everything went great. All the way from the ceremony to the reception. ~ Bob Burns (Groom)

9/28/03 - Wedding

"Billy C. was totally awesome some. We would highly recommend his service. Thanks again ." ~ Suszan Parsons (Bride)

9/6/03 - Wedding - Holiday Inn - Greentree

"Excellent coordination from the DJ." Very well prepared. Michelle Kennedy and Stephen Stoltz (Bride and Groom)

8/22/03 - Wedding - Green Oaks Country Club - Oakmont

"Wonderful job" Thanks so much for all of your help. ~ Cheryl Efremenko (Bride)

7/31/03 - 13th Birthday Party - Highland Country Club - Pittsburgh

"Very pleased with the service and the way the evening went. Bill did a great job to keep the party hopping. ~ Joyce E. Raymond (Host)

6/21/03 - Wedding - Kosciuszko Club - Mount Pleasant

"Very accommodating to the requests and flow of the reception".  Will recommend! "Thanks!" ~ Heidi Warrick (Bride)

6/14/03 - Wedding - Holly Hill Inn - Pittsburgh

"Highly recommend! Very energetic.  ~ David Burnworth (Groom)

5/17/03 - Wedding - Radisson - The Showroom - Monroeville

"Very professional! Awesome service. Thanks again.  ~ Jason Dancisen (Groom)

5/03/03 - Wedding - Lincoln Hills Country Club - Irwin

"Thanks for the great entertainment and the involvement with the crowd." ~ Corrie Huston (Bride)